MaxOne High-Density Microelectrode Array (HD-MEA) System

Feb 5, 2024
Category: General
MaxOne High-Density Microelectrode Array (HD-MEA) System

MaxWell Biosystems’ MaxOne is a CMOS-based HD-MEA, an electrical imaging system for neuroscience, drug discovery, and cell assessment applications. MaxOne captures high-quality signals at sub cellular resolution from acute tissue experiments (e.g., brain slices, retina) and long-term culture experiments. Simultaneous recordings can be performed by running up to 4 recording units in one system.

MaxOne is the most powerful electrophysiology platform for recording and stimulating electrogenic cells in vitro. It is a high-density microelectrode array system in a single-well format and allows for easy and vibration-free insertion of the MEA device. It can operate inside cell-culture incubators. Accessories are available for perfusion-compatibility. Microscopy of samples on the HD-MEA surface can be performed using upright objectives.

The MaxOne system comes in 2 options. MaxOne Full offering 1020 recording channels and 32 stimulation channels while the MaxOne Basic offers 256 recording channels and no stimulation channels. The MaxOne Full also offers unlimited electrode configurations, whole sample electrical imaging, axon tracking and smart population recording. Both units offer Matlab and Python data analysis tools.

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