Yokogawa CQ1 Benchtop High-throughput 3D Confocal Imaging

Mar 6, 2024
Category: General
Yokogawa CQ1 Benchtop High-throughput 3D Confocal Imaging

The Yokogawa CQ1 benchtop high-throughput 3D confocal imager enables 3D imaging and quantification of live cell clusters, such as spheroids, colonies and tissue sections. The CQ1 is able to obtain accurate results without the need to separate the cells in a cell cluster or remove them from a culture dish, improving the efficiency of testing and with low phototoxicity. It utilizes Nipkow spinning disk confocal technology to obtain high-speed yet gentle 3D image acquisition. Wide field of view and tiling capability enables easy imaging of larger specimens.

The CQ1 3D confocal imager uses a highly sensitive sCMOS camera, a laser illumination light source, excitation laser wavelengths of 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm and objective lenses from 2X to 60X. It also uses laser and software autofocus and CellPathfinder software. The unit is compact, lightweight and does not require a darkroom. Just set up a sample, run the software and the versatile functions support measurements and analysis of time lapse and live-cell with a maximum of 20fps option for fast time lapse. It is easy to trace back to the original image from a graph spot and make repetitive measurements. It is connectable with external systems via handling robot and a variety of cell culture and sample dishes can be used.

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