DAGE IR-2000 Infrared Monochrome Video Camera

May 9, 2018
category: General
DAGE IR-2000 Infrared Monochrome Video Camera

The IR 2000 CMOS real-time monochrome camera from DAGE-MTI represents the future for IR imaging. It is the new and improved digital version of the IR-1000, and it is fine-tuned for applications that require fast response and high sensitivity in both the visible and NIR (up to 1100nm). It is capable of operating in brightfield and fluorescence and is ideal for applications in the fields of microscopy and electrophysiology.

The IR-2000 has the capacity to function at 30 fps (includes adjustable frame rates and resolution) at a resolution of up 4K Ultra HD. It also offers users the ability to operate the camera in either an auto-mode or a manual mode in order to maximize user-defined customization. The intuitive IR-Capture software is user friendly and can save images at the click of a button. It also provides other on-screen tools such as overlays and measurements, whilst the digital zoom enables instant magnification for viewing small details in the live or captured images.

IR-2000 comes available in two models. These include a stand-alone configuration (camera + digital controller) with an HDMI output for direct connection to an HD (or Ultra HD) display OR a PC-ready configuration (camera head) connects to a user’s computer via USB 3.0. PC capability is subject to a range of performance requirements.

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