Scitech newly appointed distributor for Photon Etc

July 6, 2018
category: General
Scitech newly appointed distributor for Photon Etc

Scitech is proud to announce their recent appointment as official authorised distributors in Australia and New Zealand for Canadian-based suppliers Photon Etc.

Photon Etc. develops and manufactures an esteemed range of optical and photonic instrumentation including hyperspectral microscopes, infrared cameras and tunable filters. They are committed to providing their customers with innovative and reliable instruments, derived from the latest advances in photonics and optics. Their products are geared towards academic research and cutting-edge industrial applications in the fields of nanotechnology, life sciences, material analysis, industrial science, space and astronomy.

Their core technology is a continuously tunable filter, based on volume Bragg gratings, whilst they also offer leading platforms for Raman Imaging and Luminescence Microscopy Imaging. In addition to this, Photon Etc. delivers an affordable range of SWIR cameras, sensitive from 800nm to 2.9nm, integrating either InGaAs or HgCdTe Focal Plan Arrays. Photon Etc. uses their own ‘user-friendly’ software, PHySpec™, as a means of controlling all Photon Etc. devices and supported cameras.

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