SciTech offers the following product range:

Behavioural Systems

Behavioural Systems

Azure BIO cielo

Biomolecular Imaging

Microscopy Cameras Scientific and Industrial Cameras Photometrics Cameras High Speed Cameras ix-cameras

Cameras & Detectors

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition & Telecomms

Electrophysiology patchclamp amplifier Electrophysiology patchclamp


Imaging and Image Analysis software Imagingand Image Analysis software Imagingand Image Analysis software

Imaging Software

illumination / Light Sources

Lasers & Light Sources

Huvitz Microscopes Illumination for Microscopy XYZ Stages

Microscopes & Accessories

CrestOptics X-Light V2 Luxendo Light Sheet Microscopy Advanced Imaging Systems for Microscopy

Microscopy Systems

Nanotechnology Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology & Surface Metrology

Optogenetics Mightex Optogenetics Mightex


Qioptiq / Linos Optomechnanics


physiology cwe


PhotonEtc IR VIVO Inviscan Iris PET / CT

Preclinical Imaging

Spectroscopy Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy & Hyperspectral Imaging