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Camlin Photonics, headquartered in Lisburn Northern Ireland, specializes in the design and manufacture of spectroscopy instruments (lamps, monochromators, fluorescence spectroscopy), hyperspectral imaging systems, and industrial monitoring systems for research, industrial, and OEM customers.

Website: https://www.camlingroup.com/photonics


Hyperspectral Imaging Systems – Hyperion HSI

Hyperion HSI

camlin hyperspectral

Camlin Photonics designs and manufactures rugged, compact and cost-effective imaging systems, complete with spectroscopy tools and software for the collection and analysis of hyperspectral images.

Their systems are now deployed in a wide range of process control, monitoring, diagnostic, and inspection applications. This is a non-destructive, non-contact technology that enables applications for example: colorimetry, pharmaceuticals, art conservation, forensics, agriculture and food quality and security, detecting counterfeit materials and adulteration of product, detecting changes in scene, and many more.

Key features

  • Spectral cameras available to cover the ultraviolet to shortwave infrared regions
  • Rotation and linear translation stages available on a range of mounts for laboratory or field use
  • Multi-spectral camera configurations with frame-link options
  • UAV, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft mount options for aerial surveys
  • High speed, high optical efficiency push-broom data acquisition
  • Powerful data acquisition, display and analysis software package

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Industrial HSI

Hyperspectral imaging has become a key analytical tool for evaluating and monitoring products and produce across a wide range of industries for the purposes of grading, authentication, sorting, quality control and security. The HYPERION HSI is a complete hyperspectral imaging system for deployment on industrial process lines.

The key to successful deployment online is in the quality of the spectral calibration. At Camlin Photonics, we provide a complete end to end service by supporting in the acquisition and analysis of the calibration sample, utilising our artificial intelligence tools to build robust calibration models, and tailoring the system to be integrated onto industrial process lines. With our Sapient service, we continuously monitor the performance of our system and periodically validate and update the calibration models as required.


  • Complete Hyperspectral Imaging System
    Camlin’s HYPERION HSI systems are designed as complete end-to-end solutions to make robust, reliable, accurate and repeatable hyperspectral measurements and are easily adaptable to a wide range of processes.
  • Expert Application Support
    Their Hyperspectral Application Engineers are available to advise and support with your application needs. With years of spectroscopy, machine vision, and artificial intelligence experience, Camlin’s expert team are available from the initial instrument specification, to the spectral calibration and system implementation, through to ongoing field service and support for your online hyperspectral machine vision system.
  • Agri-food Inspection:
    Whether sorting fruit and vegetables for ripeness or damage, selecting meat cuts for onward processing based on tenderness and yield, or ensuring baking processes are optimised to avoid spoiled or waste product, online inspection has the potential to unlock significant value by ensuring quality and authenticity and reducing waste.
    Unlike manual inspection, simple colour measurement or periodic sampling, online spectral imaging can identify quality issues which may be invisible to the human eye, provide 100% inspection capability and operate in real time at speeds typical in the food processing industry.
  • Pharmaceutical:
    Active ingredients can be routinely measured using a Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imaging system and this can be done through the blister pack as well as directly imaging tablet or capsule. This gives a precise check if the correct active ingredients are in the correct tablet, and in their correct concentrations. Laboratory and online versions of our hyperspectral imaging systems are available for either sample testing or 100% quality control inspection.

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ATLAS Series of Monochromator-Spectrographs

altas Monochromators / Spectrographs

The ATLAS SERIES of Czerny-Turner monochromators provide a customisable range of high quality direct drive scanning monochromator systems. With focal lengths from 150mm to 750mm and multi-grating turret design features we can provide the appropriate system for low, medium and high resolution spectroscopy applications. They are highly customisable allowing choice of spectral range and resolution appropriate for the application. These systems are available with focal lengths of 150mm, 300mm, 500mm and 750mm.

At the shorter focal lengths, they provide a cost-effective tool for low to medium resolution spectral analysis or tuneable light sources, whilst the longer focal length instruments provide the resolution needed to robustly conduct high precision measurements in areas such as photoluminescence and laser fluorescence.

Key Features

  • High precision wavelength accuracy and repeatability
  • Choice of slit and port configuration on both inputs and outputs
  • Interchangeable grating turret on precision kinematic mount
  • Extensive range of high quality gratings
  • User friendly software configured for all available accessories
  • Full range of accessories available, e.g. motorised slits, shutters, filter wheels etc
  • Double and triple configurations available
Altas Monochromators / Spectrographs

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Tuneable Light Source Systems: APOLLO TLS-SERIES

Apollos TLS

Tuneable light sources are commonly required for a wide range of optical spectroscopy applications, including for example: in physics, chemistry, biology, environmental, quantum efficiency, and spectral responsivity measurements. The innovative design of our tuneable light sources, in a fully modular yet integrated manner, allows straight forward adjustment of the configuration and accessories without the need for challenging changes to be made in order to accommodate different application needs.

The APOLLO TLS series are versatile tuneable light sources of high resolution monochromatic light from the ultraviolet to near infrared. Tuneable light sources comprise three main components: a light source, a monochromator for wavelength selection, and suitable accessories for light delivery. Every TLS we manufacture is pre-aligned, calibrated and tested as a system.


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