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Senop makes the invisible visible. They specialize in advanced electro-optical systems, high-tech night vision systems, MIL-compliant system platforms and demanding system integrations.

Senop is a subsidiary of Millog Ltd and a part of Patria Group, and are based in Oulu, Finland

Website: https://senop.fi/

Senop HSC-2Grundium Ocus

HSC-2 Hyperspectral Camera

Senop HSC-2 Hyperspectral Camera is a frame-based spectral system that provides snapshot images in the VNIR spectral range with up to one thousand narrow bands. This unique snapshot camera provides exclusively true image pixels with 1-megapixel resolution without using interpolation. The frame-based approach with a standard C-mount interface camera can be used in microscope applications where extreme precision and magnification is required.

Main features

  • Frame-based snapshot hyperspectral camera
  • 1-megapixel resolution ( 1024 x 1024 pixels @ 10/12 bits )
  • All pixels are true image pixels
  • Up to 1,000 freely selectable spectral bands
  • Up to 149 frames per seconds
  • Easy to integrate and attach
  • Micropscope c-mount option, and UAV connectivity
  • Open API
  • Interface: GigE

HSI PC software and API

The Senop Hyperspectral Imaging PC software allows creating image scripts and sequences easily. An open API allows controlling the camera with your own software.

Versatile opportunities

As a snapshot device, the HSC-2 camera is highly suitable for use in laboratory settings or with UAVs such as drones and fixed-wings. The Senop HSC-2 camera is fully compatible with PerClass MIRA spectral image interpret software.

Available Models:

HSC-2 450-800nmHSC-2 500-900nmHSC-2 500-900nm C-mount


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